Proof Load Testing

Proof load testing is designed to ensure that items of lifting equipment can perform to the required standard in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance, by giving it a full-strength test. Proof load tests are often needed in addition to the statutory requirements, e.g. LOLER regulation

To help you understand exactly what LOLER is and how its requirements affect you and your business. Failure to comply fully with the requirements of LOLER can have significant and severe consequences. Here at Mainline Lifting Equipment have a qualified team of personnel who will be pleased to assist you with LOLER certification, this can be presented either in digital or hard copy format.

What is LOLER?

LOLER brought together several pre-existing sets of legal requirements relating to lifting gear, combining them into a single, coordinated statutory inspection regime. LOLER effectively incorporates the Construction (Lifting Operations) Regulations 1961, the Lifting Plant and Equipment (Records of Test and Examination) Regulations 1992 and aspects of the Docks Regulations 1988. Those with an understanding of the legal requirements of the above mandatory regimes may therefore already be familiar with some aspects of the LOLER regulations.

What is the purpose of LOLER?

LOLER’s principal purpose is to safeguard those operating or being in the proximity of any lifting equipment used in a working environment. In today’s increasingly litigious society, employers must safeguard themselves from potential legal action resulting from the use of faulty, unsuitable or poorly maintained equipment. If they do not, any resulting penalties may be severe. Mainline Lifting Equipment can advise further on examination and inspection criteria and the methods used to carry out the mandatory LOLER inspections.

It should be noted that although LOLER is the principal safeguarding mechanism relating to lifting equipment, such equipment may also be subject to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), an explanation of which is beyond the scope of this guide.

Mainline Lifting Equipment has its own, LOLER qualified personnel who can offer inspection, testing and examination of equipment covered by LOLER directly at your site.

Typical equipment requiring proof load testing include:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Runway beams
  • Lift shaft beams
  • Jib cranes
  • Man riding systems and anchors