Yale Electric chain hoist with suspension lug or with integrated trolley model CPV

Electric chain hoist with suspension lug or with  integrated trolley model CPV

Capacity 250 – 2000 kg

The electric chain hoist model CPV combines modern design and technical innovation. A robust construction makes the series a versatile tool for professional applications. The integrated limit switch for the highest and lowest hook position considerably extends the work-ing life span of the slip clutch, motor and gearbox.


• Classification 1 Am/M4. For 1-phase hoists: 1 Bm/M3.
As required (with appropriate changes to lifting capacity
resp. duty cycle) the model CPV can also be re-classified
up to 3m/M6.
• Main contactor as standard, for increased safety.
• Increased operating safety through 42 V control voltage
(low voltage control), push-button pendant control,
IP 65.
• 2 year warranty (excluding wear parts) and a lifetime
lubricated gearbox.
• Duty cycle 50 % ED for single speed.
• Electromagnetic spring pressure brake holds the load
safely even in the event of power failure.
• Standard operating voltage:
Euro-voltage 400 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz.
• Motor protected to IP 55 (acc. to VDE 0530), against
ingress of dust and water jets.
• The externally adjustable slip clutch is designed to
guarantee a permanent connection between the load
and the brake.
• The standard, oil bath lubricated and case hardened
gearbox has a helical gearing for particularly smooth
running and enhanced lifetime. Greased gearbox by
CPV/F 2-8.
• Suspension lug for compact dimensions and easy
integration in closed-eye constructions.
• Steel chain guide, model CPV/F 2-8 comes with chain
guides made of POM.

• Stainless steel load chain
(no reduction of working load limit).
• Suspension hook
• Flexible chain container.
• Other operating voltages
• Counter for operating hours and number of starts.
• Radio remote control
• Control for synchronized operation of several hoists.
• Manual and electric trolleys.
• Connection to festooned cable systems
• Suspension for light crane systems.

Also available as 230 V, 1-phase, 50 Hz (25 % ED) version.
Optionally available with electric trolley.
1-phase units are single speed only!
High speed units (18 m/min) are not available as 230 V,

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