RUD VRS-F Starpoint Eyebolt from 8mm to 36mm

RUD VRS-F Starpoint Eyebolt

Shape: Star shaped – clear dis-tinction from standard eye bolt DIN 580.
Colour: Striking fl uorescent pink powder coating
Marking: Clear indication of WLL (in metric tonnes and lbs) for side load direction F (not allowed with standard eye bolt).

Forged material 1.6541, alloy quenched and tempered, 100 % electromagnetic crack detected according to EN 1677-1

STARPOINT Type VRS-FType VRS-F includes the installation tool/STAR KEY.

This STARPOINT comes with an integrated installation tool. Just engage the tool into the hexagon socket screw – tighten by hand –disengage tool.

STARPOINT can the be adjusted 360°. Type VRS without STAR KEY can be assembled by using a hexagon key or Allen wrench.


Special RUD hexagon socketwrench is available upon request.

  • Safety factor 4 : 1.
  • Workpiece material must conform to minimum steel quality S235JR/St 37. (1.0037).
  • Maximum countersink of tapped hole = nominal thread diameter.
  • Provide plane seat of the special hexagon bolt.
  • VRS must be able to rotate by 360° in bolted condition.
  •  Adjust to load direction before loading.
  • Component protected by patents: Europe patent EP 654 611. US patent 5690457.
  • Specifically engineered-Grade 10.9 captive hexagon socket screw.

Simply engage the hexagon socket bolt with the star profile key – use your fingers to respectively tighten or untighten the arrangement.

Disengage the key before you hook in the lifting mean.

Do not use an elongation piece.


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