RUD VLBG PLUS Swivel Load Ring from 8mm to 36mm

RUD VLBG PLUS Swivel Load Ring

The RUD VLBG PLUS offers a range of advantages; firstly it can be turned 360°, aligned to the direction of the pull. The load ring can be tilted which guarantees a full working load limit in all load directions.

Complex lifts where the load has to be maneuvered and tilted in all directions can be safely and effectively done with the use of the VLBG PLUS load ring.

The bolt supplied with the VLBG PLUS is captivated so that it becomes a part of the lifting assembly and is 100% crack detected

Available from 8mm to 36mm

Capacities from 0.63 tonne to 8 tonne

Supplied with standard length thread (please see attached data sheet for dimensions)

Longer thread length available – please contact us for details

Fully certified

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