G Force Restraint Lanyard with Karabiner & Scaffold Hook (1m, 1.5m or 2m)

Restraint Rope Lanyard C/W Karabiner & Scaffold Hook 
This restraint rope lanyard has sewn end terminations complete with plastic thimble eyes. This lanyard is ideal for workers who need to be prevented from reaching a fall hazard. This lanyard must only be used in situations where there is no possibility of the worker falling.
Available to be purchased in 1M, 1.5M & 2M lengths.
Product Dimensions
  • Rope type: Kermantle
  • Rope diameter: 10.5mm
  • M.B.S 22kN
  • Conforms to EN354 & EN358 CE standards.
  • Made in the EU
x1 GFAZ011 Screw Lock Karabiner
x1 GFAZ022 Steel Scaffold Hook
*This lanyard must only be used in restraint situations.
*Please note that this product can have a maximum lifespan of 10-years from the date of manufacture. This is irrespective of shelf life/working life. This is subject to correct usage, storage and thorough examination by a competent person. The date of manufacture can be found on the ID label which is sewn onto this product

See attached PDF for instructions on use.



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