G-Force P30 2 Point Full Safety Harness

The G-Force P30 2 Point Full Safety Harness is one of our best-selling safety harnesses. It is fully adjustable, with two attachment points (rear and chest). This product’s bright green colour enhances visibility and makes it easy to identify the upper body of the harness.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable safety harness then the P30 Safety Harness is ideal for you.


  • Rear attach point
  • Rear extension for easy attachment of fall arrest block
  • Chest attach point
  • Fully adjustable at the legs, upper body and chest
  • Includes identity label with all key information.
  • Colour: Bright Green/Black

This safety harness is comfortable to wear and easy to fit.

* Complies to EN361 CE

* Made in the EU.

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