CR250V Fall Arrest Block for Vertical Use (6m, 12m or 15m)

G-Force CR250V Fall Arrest Block for Vertical Use

The G-Force CR250V self-retractable Fall Arrest Block is durable yet lightweight, with a portable design that makes it easy to carry around

Available in 3 different lengths: 6 metres, 12 metres, and 15 metres

Designed for vertical use only

Reduces impact force to less than 6 kN

Maximum rated load: 140kg

Maximum angle of use: up to a maximum of 40° from vertical

Supplied with EN362 steel screwgate karabiner

Product features:-

  • Top anchor point with built-in swivel
  • Built-in brake with energy dissipating mechanism
  • Durable composite casing
  • 4mm galvanised wire rope
  • Lower snap hook with twist lock and built-in fall indicator
  • Transportation handle for easy carrying and rigging
  • Supplied with screw gate Karabiner for top anchor point

Conforms to EN360

Made in the EU

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