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Simplex Ratchet Jacks
simplex ratchet jacks from 5tons to 20tons
Hydraulic Toe Jacks
hydraulic toe jacks from 2tons to 10tons
Bottle Jacks
bottle jacks from 2tonnes to 50tonnes
Floor Crane
1tonne / 2 tonne floor crane
Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders
Capacity: 5 - 100 tonne
Single & Double acting hand pumps
Actionram hand pumps
Commercial Transmission Jacks
1000kg / 1500kg / 2000kg capacities
Vertical Transmission Jacks
from 300kg to 1200kg capacities
Workshop Crane Silverline
silverline HWK KLS workshop crane
Low Height Pad Jacks
Capacity: 10 - 150 tonne
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