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Lifting Machines
Lever Hoists
250kg - 6000kg Lever Hoist
Wire Rope Winch
800kg To 3,200kg Wire Rope Winch
Single Phase GIS Chain Hoist
single phase model EM
Light Duty Wire Rope Hoist
230V Light Duty Wire Rope Hoist
XR12 Retriever winch
12 volt - 5,000kg winch
Genie Super Hoist
Lightweight, Portable Material Lift Powered by CO2
1800kg Block Grab
1800kg Block Grab
2.5 Tonne Pallet Truck
2.5 Tonne pallet truck
Genie Superlifts
A Manually Operated Material Lift
TCR-250 TCR-500 TCS500/1000 Pneumatic Hoist
TCR-250 TCR-500 TCS500/1000 Air Hoists
TMM-140A Air Hoist
An ideal workbench hoist
TNC TCR Air Hoist
TNC TCR Air Hoist
Electric Worm Gear Winch
MC 250kg to 2,800kg
Hydraulic Worm Gear Winch
H 500kg - 3,150kg
Pheumatic Worm Gear Winch
LV 250kg - 1,700kg
Beam Clamp
1 Tonne to 5 Tonne Beam Clamp
Geared Trolleys
500kg To 20,000kg
Push Girder Trolleys
500kg to 5,000kg Beam Trolleys
Silverline Hand Chain Block
silverline hand chain block from 500kg to 10,000kg
Silverline Ratchet Lever Hoist
silverline ratchet lever hoist from 750kg to 6,000kg
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